The Danish Heart Foundation

Make a difference for children and young people suffering from heart disease.

ECCO Walkathon supports the Danish Heart Foundation’s research and its work for patients with heart trouble.

When you participate in ECCO Walkathon 2020, you help give children and young people suffering from heart disease the opportunity to attend ECCO Summer Camp by simply moving your feet and ticking a box. The camp welcomes children and adolescents aged 10–15 with heart trouble. The initiative is based on the wish to give children and young people with heart problems the opportunity to meet in a community that allows them to share their experiences and meet others facing some of the same challenges they face while enjoying some wonderful, active summer days in a safe and beautiful environment. In addition, some of the money from your donation in 2020 will also go to further research.

Your participation in ECCO Walkathon will help ensure that more children suffering from heart disease can attend Summer Camp and that the Danish Heart Foundation will be able to continue researching cardiovascular disease.

Walking is good for your heart and your brain

Physically inactive people are twice as likely to develop cardiovascular disease compared to people who are active.

Thirty minutes of daily physical activity can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 30%, while 60 minutes of daily activity provides almost double the risk reduction.

Walking is an easy and readily accessible form of exercise that provides many health benefits. When you walk, you create new brain cells and improve the communication between the different areas of your brain. Moreover, walking also boosts your creativity.

About the Danish Heart Foundation

The Danish Heart Foundation is Denmark’s second largest disease-fighting organisation with 148,000 members. The foundation undertakes research in cardiovascular disease, the prevention of heart disease and patient support.

The Danish Heart Foundation is a private organisation enabled through fundraising. Every year the foundation provides financial support to a large part of Danish cardiovascular research.

The Danish Heart Foundation looks after the interests of cardiovascular patients with regard to decision-makers and health services through active political efforts both internationally and nationally.